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rosettaRosetta Stone , 1.14 meters high, 0.73 meters wide, a piece of Marble stele produced in the 196 years BC, originally carved Egyptian king Ptolemy V letters.
The stone with Greek word, ancient Egyptian script and pop body text carved the same content. Due to this stone engraved with three different languages, make modern archaeologists to have the opportunity to control the content of languages, read out the structure and the significane of Egypt pictographic which has lost for thousands of years ,then become today`s important milestone of researching ancient Egyptian history .
Rosetta stone was first found in 1799 by French captain in an Egyptian port city Rosetta Rosetta (today, called el - Rashid), but it was turned into British hands in the war between England and French , since 1802 YuDaYing kept up and displayed in the museum .
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